NCCHWC – Consortium for National Certification for Health and Wellness Coaches

This past year, alumni from Wisdom of the Whole (WOW) Coaching Academy have been actively participating in the research efforts of NCCHWC, a volunteer organization dedicated to developing a national certification for health and wellness coaches. A national certification is vital to gain recognition for well­-trained health and wellness coaches as experts in supporting client-­centered engagement in health­care and the development of sustainable healthy lifestyles across clinical, corporate, government and consumer fields. Our founder and CEO, Linda Bark, has been a member of the NCCHWC since 2009 and is now serving on the Executive Committee of their Board of Directors.


Thank you to all the WOW alumni who completed the NCCHWC Job Task Analysis (JTA), a first step in the process of creating a national certification. Facilitated by a JTA expert, a group of 12 practicing Health and Wellness Coaches of diverse coach training and professional backgrounds met in March and identified the knowledge, tasks, and skills critical to the work of health and wellness coaches. Then in the summer of 2014, WOW alumni completed the survey, bringing their experience and judgment to a thoughtful evaluation of the job task analysis. In the fall, some of our graduates participated in item writing for the Health and Wellness Coach Certification that NCCHWC plans to begin administering in the summer of 2015. This important work continues as the consortium moves forward and you can learn more at

2 thoughts on “NCCHWC – Consortium for National Certification for Health and Wellness Coaches

  1. Upon completion of your coaching program will I be certified by NCCHWC? Is your coaching certification also certified and endorsed by ICF and NACF?

    I want to make sure I invest in a coaching certification program that will be recognized by insurance companies and employers as well as one that differentiates me as a certified coach from other non accredited programs

    I have a bachelors degree in Managerial Economics from UC Davis and I am currently a masters student in a clinical psychology program and the California Institute for Human Science.

    Is your program open to all or just for nurses?

    Thank you!

    Thank you

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