Impact the way you help and serve


Promise 2

We promise to profoundly impact the way you help and serve others.

Wisdom of the Whole will introduce you to a powerful new paradigm that demonstrates the value of coaching people rather than telling them what to do. Our coach training is based on research, experience, and time-tested behavior change models for you to begin applying in your work today.

Click on any of the below statements to learn how Wisdom of the Whole Coaching addresses these common sentiments.

I want to be on the cutting-edge of my profession.
My job isn’t satisfying. I’m bored with my work, I want to feel like I’m making a difference, I feel like a cog in the machine, It’s not a good fit, I want to like my job!
I want to work smarter not harder.
I want a way to motivate employees to be more productive. I’ve been told to motivate people; I’m responsible to coach employees, but don’t know how.
My clients/employees seem stuck, and don’t seem to be making enough progress.
I tell my clients what to do, but they don’t take my advice.
I need to understand what my clients really want in a short period of time.
I want to work smarter not harder.
I love learning.
Things aren’t working, they’re driving me crazy and I don’t know what to do.
The pace of life is going too fast. I can’t keep up.
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